About Us

The school-based business, Oside Kulture was born from the 21st Century Entrepreneurial Exploration (21CEE) Freshman course.  21CEE is a project/passion-based course that gives students the opportunity to practice real world skills.  

Each student presented their PASSION through a Ted-Talk style exhibition based on Google’s 20% Project, called “Genius Hour,” ending the semester, hoping to start their own company someday.  Luckily for these students, they didn’t have to wait long as both 21CEE classes, taught by Kristina Vasquez and Tom Voris, were each granted $1000 from Real World Scholars (RWS) to kick-off their own start-up company to begin the next semester.  

RWS are known to provide wide range opportunities for dreams to come true locally and nationally.  Thanks to them, the 21CEE classes are getting the chance to run a business suited for these young and talented youth.  Elyse Burden, Co-founder of RWS, as well as other peers were kind enough to fund this ambitious venture and make it a reality.  

Oside Kulture and Oside Kulture Mulitmedia are that reality.